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Google Analytics Is a Free Tool That Benefits Businesses

8 years ago

Google analytics is a free web statistics tool.  It can rival the more expensive analytic suites that can be purchased and Google offer it all for free!

The basis of Google Analytics is that it is a web statistics programme that gives you access to data showing how many people visit your website, the pages they visit and how they are finding your website.  It does this by putting a piece of Javascript into your HTML code.  This then loads when someone visits your page and leaves a marker for when statistics are generated.

The majority of people that use Google Analytics just have it setup for the very basic functions that it can perform, such as creating specific campaigns, reporting and funnels.  All of this is of course very useful and the basis of what Google Analytics can do.  There is however a few more recently added powerful tools, which sets it apart from others:

Tracking outbound links
When visitors are leaving one of your website pages, an important thing to find out is exactly where they are then going.  Google analytics can give you this information by tracking outbound links. It is important to know this information so that you could, for example, find out if there is a specific button that people are always clicking on, no matter what it links to. Action buttons within your website are very important. You can also use this function to find out which links are performing better than others, to help you decide what to place where on your website.

Hour by hour statistics
A big complaint of many Google Analytics users is that the stats generated are not in real-time.  By making a few simple changes to the calendar settings in your reports, you can view stats up until the last hour.  For the vast majority of businesses, these stats are going to be more than sufficient and the extra ability of real time statistics, are not worth paying for when Google Analytics can give you data up until the last hour.

Social Media
With social media growing by the day, it is just as important to track these interactions, as it is website page views.  Google analytics can now track social media buttons and interactions that happen because of these.  This allows you to see which type of social media is favoured by your audience.

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