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How Do Press Releases Help the Modern Business?

8 years ago

The world of business is rapidly changing and there is now a heavy reliance on online platforms to generate interest in businesses such as social media and the internet.  So with all of these new platforms, should we still be using press releases?  YES, here we look at why press releases are still so beneficial to businesses whatever their size.

Instantly visible worldwide – Now once a press release is online anyone can find it.  Historically it had to be picked up by jounrnalists and printed.  If it wasn’t it would never be seen by the general public.  Now businesses can put all press releases online and make them viewable to anyone.

Brand image – Businesses can now use as many press releases as they like sending many messages out to the public.  When this had to be done through journalists, it would be up to them to decide which press releases and which messages the public would see about a business.

Media forms – Press releases are now more interesting than ever before as they are now online they can feature images, videos and links. It encourages two-way interaction with the target audience.

Convenience – Press releases are no longer just available to read in print they can be read on the go over the web and smartphones. It’s anywhere news, for anywhere technology.

Viral – Online press releases can be quickly shared via social media.  Created hype faster than has ever been possible before, by a wider target audience.

Links – By using links in press releases the public can be given more information than ever before and press releases can be used to drive people to other information on their website.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) – You can optimise your press release using certain key words to make sure it is picked up on search engines.  Press releases are a great way of adding content to your website and showing your website is actively used and up-to-date.

History – Many businesses leave their press releases online meaning there is a constant historical log of all press releases that are easily searchable. They add credibility to a businesses, showing they can communicate with a wide audience and shows they are proud of what they achieve.

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