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Why Is Content Crucial to Your Website?

7 years ago

Whilst there are many media options to build your website around, (photography, video, graphics, and animations), Google still rate well written and original content highly and the higher the ranking, the better it is for your business.

However, well written content isn’t just for the benefit of the search engines. Your website is the face of your business, the go to source for any information that your customer wants to access immediately, so it’s equally important you write well for them and give an excellent first impression.

Original content:

Firstly, your content should be original and unique. This is one of Google’s top priorities in ranking your website, but it also helps to build your business a brand identity that your customers will instantly recognise and associate you with.

A website is an essential tool for your customers to identify the products you offer, pricing, opening times and how to access advice. However, a website is also a long term, time consuming commitment. Updating your website frequently is as important as including original content to begin with.


The simplest and increasingly popular way to do generate fresh content is on a blog page on which you can update customers with new product information and offers, answer any questions and discuss relevant current affairs. A blog needs time invested in it with regular posts in order to build the desired following. Having a blog which appears inactive can give the impression your business lacks commitment or is redundant.

When composing content for your website you should aim to entertain, educate or empower. Does your post do one or all of these? Your content should also be accurate. If you are using information from elsewhere as your research make sure it is a reliable source. This will enable your readers to build trust in you and see you as the dependable source of information in the future.

Keeping the information you offer relevant is a vital part of original content. Although you may find constantly thinking of ideas to create new content tricky, you need to keep your content vaguely linked to your business interests and those of the customer. By ensuring that your content is relevant, you will be able to use key words, which are the words a potential customer would type into a search engine to find you as a business.

Crafting your content:

This is where professional writing skills can really help. It is important that you write well – you don’t want the point of your piece to be lost in a hard read. Spelling and grammar are important, not only does Google like minimum errors, but a website full of mistakes and mis-spellings can give an unprofessional impression and potentially turn away new customers. It is also worth remembering that your website is open to an international audience – writing in plain English is important so you don’t lose any prospective international customers – avoid use of slang or abbreviations.

Last but certainly not least, you should remain conscious of not bombarding your customer with large blocks of text. Your written content should be broken down into small paragraphs with informative headings and sentences should be short and concise. This makes the information digestible for the reader and allows them to quickly find what they are looking for. It also allows for an easy read on a tablet or mobile phone, which many of your customers will use.

Creating good content is a combination of all of these factors – just focussing on one or two won’t result in the content your audience are looking for and, as a result, you won’t see the increase in traffic to your website that you desire. If words aren’t your strength it is seriously worth outsourcing your content writing.  As a rule, the more enjoyment that is gained from crafting the content, the more enjoyable the read will be for your audience.

Prime Mix Marketing can help create your content for you. For more information email info@primemixmarketing.co.uk.

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