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How to find and reach your Ideal Client.

3 weeks ago

Ideal Client

Understanding your ideal client is critical to reaching the right people to buy from you. To create your marketing plan, you need to know whom you are targeting and where it is most likely that you will reach and attract them to your products or services. Profiling your customers is therefore critical in ensuring success with your marketing activities. 

You might have heard the term ‘ideal client’ before, basically, they are the specific type of customer that is most likely to respond to your promotions, products, and services.

Profiling your audience helps you to identify what their specific needs are and how you can help them with what you have to offer. It gives you a clearer idea of what might attract them to you and where your marketing efforts are most likely to be seen by them.

This helps you to use the correct marketing mediums – social media platforms, magazines to advertise or place editorial in, events to go to or exhibitions to book. 

Finding opportunities for success.

Knowing your ideal client well gives you more opportunity for success because your marketing content and the type of campaigns you run will be tailored to their needs and therefore add value to them. For example; your ideal client might value customer service and after-sales service highly, they might like little extras such as a postcard included in the packaging or they may engage better when they feel they know you more personally.

When we know our target audience, we can segment them, and create the messages and language that will best resonate and engage them with your brand.

What you might need to know about them:

  • Their challenges, needs and problems
  • Stage of life and/or business they are in
  • Skills
  • Values
  • Location
  • Income
  • What they read
  • Social platforms that use
  • Events they are likely to attend
  • How do they buy?
  • What they currently buy
  • Whom do they buy from?

Using the knowledge from above you will be able to work out the common themes of your target client and use this information to create marketing campaigns that will attract them.

Do I need to pick one ideal client?

Ideally yes otherwise your marketing will become messy and confusing. The point of profiling your ‘ideal client’ type is to make your life easier when going to market with your product or service. 

Budgeting becomes more straightforward because you are more focused on your marketing activities, it makes planning far easier as you can search for the type of events and publications that your ideal client is most likely to be engaged with rather than trying to catch everyone with all sorts of marketing.

When crafting your messages and marketing communications, talk directly to your ideal client as if this person is standing in front of you. Consider their issues and the reasons they might need your services and how you can solve their problem.

If you would like help profiling your ideal customer, talktous@primemixmarketing.co.uk.

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