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Why you should invest in good photography for your brand image.

1 year ago

Brand Identity, Photography

Your brand image is really important and should not be overlooked when planning your marketing.

How many times have you heard that first impressions count and you only have 3 seconds to capture someone’s attention?

All of the above is true. You don’t have long to capture someone’s attention, especially in this busy and noisy landscape. It is also really important that you do your best to look good, which helps me to move seamlessly on to my point – how to create a strong brand image and personality.

Well, let’s first look at what I mean by this.

  • Personality – the way you talk about your business, you need to reinforce your key messages of what you do and how you solve their problem.
  • Logo – put it everywhere, be visible and you will become instantly recognised.
  • Colours – use your brand colours as often as possible, create a look that people recognise or that when they see a particular colour, they instantly think of you.
  • Font – use the same font style. Some brands have done such a great job with this that even if you just see the words in the typeface you know which brand you are seeing.
  • Photos – if possible, use the same photographer and then you will get a similar look and feel to all your photography. When doing team shots, try to keep to the same brief so they don’t look disjointed. Do not be afraid to do team shots, people leave, it is a normal process. You can book regular team photo updates every 6-12 months to keep them fresh. Paul Ligas recommends that you do this anyway.
  • Images – the ones that you see on blogs, social media, and websites, these all need to have a similar look and feel to them. If using stock images, then choose ones that are not used everywhere. Canva is a great place to set up templates to use that can be shared across the business.

All of the above needs to be included in your brand guidelines so that everyone responsible for the brand image follows a consistent approach.

I was recently talking with Paul Ligas Photography and we discussed the importance of images for your branding. He likes to take natural photos, using the outdoors as his backdrop with natural light.  Paul says “You should not undervalue the significance of photography as a part of your brand image. It differentiates you from your competitors and sets a tone for your website and social media.”

As such, cost should not be a barrier to creating a suite of high-quality photos and it isn’t as expensive as you might think. They are a cost-effective marketing tool as they can be used across all your marketing activities and leave a lasting good impression on your brand image.

If you would like a brand refresh or are starting out and would benefit from creating a strong brand from the outset please talktous@primemixmarketing.co.uk

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