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Five ways to launch a new service that works

2 weeks ago

5 ways to launch your new service

Your business should never stay stagnant if you are to remain competitive and of value to your clients. Offering a range of services that develop over time to meet the demand is key to success. Developing a new service can take time so it is important to ensure that when it is ready you have a launch strategy that sells.

According to Harvard professor Clayton Christensen, almost 70% of new product launches fail, which means that you need to prepare your offering and marketing thoroughly.

When launching a new service, you must consider your goals carefully. There are many reasons to develop a new service such as;

  • Expand your range
  • Enhance the quality of your offering
  • Meet customer demands
  • Attract a new client base
  • Beat the competition

Whatever your reason, planning and preparation are key so here are our five ways to launch your new service.

1. Know your audience

Understanding your client’s needs and pain points is important to be able to create the right tone for your messaging as well as to make certain that what you are offering meets their requirements.

First, consider who your target audience is, where they are on their journey, their financial situation to pay for the service and where they are based. What are your long-term goals for this audience?

Then write a list of the problems they might face and then add in how your service solves those problems. Think about how they might be feeling and how you want them to feel once they have used your service.

2. Define your service

Being able to explain your service to your clients is imperative. If you are unable to explain it in a way that they understand and connect with, they will not buy.

Use the knowledge gained from getting to know your audience above to use the right language and key messages that will resonate and attract them.

You need to be able to say in no more than a couple of sentences what you do, who for and how it will help them.

3. Set your goals

There is no point in doing anything unless you set your goals early on, for example;

  • How many people do you need to sell to achieve your budget goals?
  • How many people can you fulfil the service to?
  • What is the goal to get people to recognise the need for your service?
  • How can you get people to take an interest?
  • Ways to convert from watching to participating.
  • When you want to launch and start delivering.

Ensure that your goals are SMART and use these to form your launch plan and to monitor and measure success.

4. Put your service information together

Collect everything about your service into one place. Make certain that everything you need to market and deliver the service is accessible. When creating a new service, you will end up with lots of information, branding and marketing materials so you need to keep on top of it all.

5. Organise your messaging and communications

The final and most exciting bit is to put everything together and create your marketing ready for launch.

You will need to optimise your messaging to attract buyers through a variety of marketing mediums.

The best way to start is to use the sentences that you created when defining your service. Build and expand on these to go into more detail that helps your audience to understand what you do for them, how you deliver the service, what they can expect from it and how it will make things better for them. Don’t forget that when creating your content, you need to use the language that they understand, and try to stay away from jargon or fancy words – it might put them off.

To get your message out there you could do the following:

  • Create a website page all about your new service that you can direct people to, include a call to action to sign up.
  • Create a lead magnet that you can share and when they download it you can collect their details.
  • Send a series of emails to tell your list about your new service, and link to the website page.
  • Utilise your social media platforms, post regularly about your new service and share the lead magnet from them.
  • Write a press release and share it with the relevant media and publications.

Remember to always be consistent with your message so that it doesn’t get confusing for your target audience. 

This might all seem like a lot to do but it will be worth it. Consider your launch plan as a mini-marketing plan and follow a similar process to that.

We have helped many business owners to launch a new service and are on hand to support you in your exciting new venture too. Get in touch to chat about your ideas.

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